Please Pass the Salt

A few years ago, I was at a table with some colleagues having lunch.  We were served clam chowder among other things, and it was rather bland.

I asked them to, “Please pass the salt,”  and they did.  What they did not do, at least with their words, was to tell me that I was dumping about a tablespoon of salt into the chowder.  I didn’t know it.  I couldn’t see the grains coming out of the salt shaker…at all.  What I could see was the disgusted look on their faces…well enough.

When I tasted the soup, I knew that the salt shaker had been working the whole time, and what could have been funny was not, because of their lack of humor about it, once they realized I couldn’t see it.  They were still just as disgusted.  And to me…it felt mean because they knew I had difficulty seeing sometimes.

Moral of the story is…if you have a friend who doesn’t see well and is doing something like that, speak up.  And then laugh.  It sure makes the situation easier!

Since then I have learned a few tricks.  Salt is the usual culprit with seasonings.  It’s light color and fine grain makes it hard for me to see.  I rarely use salt in restaurants, since most food is usually too salty anyway, but on the rare occasion if needed, I shake the salt into my hand and then pinch it between my fingers.  The pinch helps me to distribute it and to feel how much I am distributing where.

At home, I most often use Kosher salt.  It’s more expensive, but the larger grain is easier for me to see.  Same rule at home, if I’m not seeing well, pour it into the hand, then pinch.

Most important thing to remember, if people are habitually rude to you about what you can’t see, let it go.  They don’t get to rule you and make you feel bad unless you let them. Keep your sense of humor…and focus on the ones you love and who love you back!  Then say with a smile…”Pass the salt, please!”

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