Late Nights and Cloudy Mornings

Work for me begins at 10:00 a.m.  Did I mention that I have a pretty cushy schedule?  Because of this great schedule, and I am not being sarcastic here, I sometimes stay up too late.

Last night I got sucked into a show on Netflix called “Damages”.  I thought it was only six shows, and I really wanted to see the end.  So at midnight last night I watched the sixth episode and when it was over realized that there are seven more.  It was one of those, I feel kind of dumb moments, followed by laughing at myself, picking up my youngest Lhasa, calling the older one to follow me and heading for bed.

I still slept seven hours, thanks to my cushy schedule.

Most people I think, after not having enough sleep can wake up with tired, heavy eyes.  It’s hard for me to remember what normal vision is like, but I think that this is normal.  For me though, if I don’t get enough sleep, I have an extra long dose of cloudiness.  A lot of times when I wake up in the morning my vision is cloudy and clears as the morning goes on.

The morning cloudiness I credit to sediment settling as I sleep.  I’m not sure why there seems to be more when I stay up too late.  Maybe it causes more swelling when I am tired.  Something for me to think about more.

The clouds part eventually…at least I don’t notice them as I go through my day.  And I prefer seeing the clouds to the dark. So, I’ll go with it.

By the way, if you haven’t seen “Damages” and enjoy suspense, you should check it out. But…If you have eyes like mine, don’t stay up too late!


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