Bread Anyone?

Since I’m still waiting on insurance approval (or denial) of the interferon, I decided to do what I always do when faced with a medication that I really don’t want to take…I start scouring the internet for other options.

A few weeks ago I subscribed to a uveitis facebook page, and yesterday there was a post from a guy who had chronic uveitis for seven years, decided to go vegan and hasn’t been on steroids since.  This added fuel to my fire.

In a silly moment last week, (before the facebook guy) I googled “bread diet”.  There were a few expectedly ridiculous high carb diets, but there was one that wasn’t ridiculous.  At least it didn’t seem ridiculous to me.  It was Dr. John McDougall’s.

After all of my inquiring I’m not sure how I missed him.  Maybe it was the fact that up until now I’ve never been willing to do something as drastic as go vegan.  But, I am there.  I really am.

I started it about three days ago, but I kind of messed it up last night by baking some homemade focaccia bread.  (I was serious about the bread part.)  The thing about focaccia bread is that it is doused with olive oil and herbs.  Olive oil…it’s on the forbidden list with all oils.  But everyone knows that olive oil is good for you, right?  Actually, wrong.

Dr. McDougall is very clear about no fats.  Zip. Zippo. Nada.  He means olive oil too.  Only I thought, it might be okay.  Then I looked up diarrhea (sorry to be so blunt) and vegan diet.  Guess what came up.  Dr. McDougal’s website.  There is a video there about digestive issues and veganism.  Toward the end he laughs and says, if you’ve been following the diet the way he says to and are strict about it and then you eat fat (olive oil for instance), you will have what he calls “McDougall’s Revenge”.  And I did.

It was not fun…and caused me to question this whole adventure that I have embarked on.  That olive oil hit my stomach like a rock.  It was sudden.  I am not kidding.  It was me and a book (The Book Thief) and the bathroom for most of the evening.

I also stumbled on to another guy, Dr. Michael Klaper.  I actually sent him an email, outlining my dilemma with the medication I don’t want to take, this evening.  He’s “very busy” though, so I don’t really expect a reply.  But one of the things that he said was all medical doctors will tell you that nutrition doesn’t matter and it won’t cure you, and they tell you that because that’s what they’ve been taught in medical school.  There are technical reasons for it, but since I’m not a doc, I’ll let you go read up on that yourself.

The encouraging thing for me is that there are many, many people who say this has worked for them with inflammatory diseases.  I couldn’t find Uveitis specifically, but uveitis is an inflammatory disease.  And…these two docs seem to think that a lot of inflammatory diseases can be treated through nutrition.

So, here I go again…off in another direction.  But it’s a direction that I’ve been interested in for a really long time. Didn’t think I’d ever have the guts to go vegan though.

The vegan thing isn’t really that hard.  Not yet anyway.  Really, as long as I can eat bread, I don’t care that much.  I like fruit and vegetables and grains.

Now my husband…well, that’s another blog.


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