A Lesson Learned

It’s been a busy, busy summer, with family, a great new boss, every weekend packed with an activity, and weekdays packed with work and harvesting from our garden. I’m not complaining…I like it that way.

My last couple of posts I wrote about a new diet I had started called the Wahls Protocol. Much to my surprise, and probably my family’s, I am still sticking to it.

I’m sticking to it, because I feel so much better!  And…a side benefit, since I started it for my eyes, I have lost 19 pounds.  I’ve tried to do this lots of times with no success.  I don’t know if my eyes are actually better yet or not.  It can take months.  I’ve read three to six before you see improvement.

Sometimes I can get a little hung up on perfection.  It holds true with this diet.  I wanted to understand it all and implement it perfectly, and I wanted to make that happen the first day.  It’s not like that though.  I read and reread and tweak a little bit here and there.

This past weekend I went camping and stuck to  my new way of eating pretty faithfully, except that I had potatoes twice (which is okay), and then I tried popcorn.  Sometimes it upsets my digestion, but I love it!

Saturday night I did fine with the popcorn.  Which leads me to yesterday (Monday).  I had a fruit smoothy for breakfast and took a nice big salad to work with me for lunch, only I didn’t have time to eat it.  Then, I forgot to bring it home and was too lazy and tired (probably from not eating enough), so I just popped some more popcorn in my coconut oil, enjoyed my clarified butter, a little salt and had a nice snack instead of lunch.  For dinner I made a delicious stir-fry with lots of vegies, cashews and put it over white rice.

My usual response when I mess up a diet like this is to give up, make an excuse about my will power or figure out some other reason why it won’t work for me.  Not this time.

Here’s the problem.  I have been doing the level two Wahls protocol, which means two starches a week.  Over the past three days I have had five and one of them, the popcorn, I know often upsets my system.

For the first time in over a month now, I really don’t feel great. This morning I am achy, my left eye is bright and bloody, and my stomach is upset.

Lesson learned.  The difference in how I feel when I follow the diet strictly and how I feel now is astonishing.

Eating my fruits, vegies and fresh trout a friend brought me for dinner tonight.  And…no popcorn or starches for the rest of the week!  I know I’ll be feeling great again shortly.


In case you missed it, the diet I am following is called the Wahls Protocol.  You can find out about it here:  http://terrywahls.com/.


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