There’s No Shame in a Magnifying Glass

One of the things most of my family enjoys doing is playing games.  We like all kinds, but especially strategy type games, and games that require some thinking.  A new favorite is a game called Seven Wonders.

My daughter returned home last night after a dinner date with her boyfriend, and instead of watching a movie they invited me to play Seven Wonders with them.  Not only was I flattered to be invited to this little tete-a-tete, but I really like playing the game.

The only problem is, I can’t see the symbols on the cards.  To me the loom and the papyrus look basically the same, and so do the symbols for glass and iron ore.  Since I already know this, I am prepared!  I keep a magnifying glass in my living room.  It comes in quite handy sometimes.

After grabbing my magnifying glass, I took my seat at the table.  My daughter laughed and poked a little fun at me about my intent to use it.  All was in good humor, but I responded with a smile and matching her jovial attitude, “There is no shame in using a magnifying glass, there is only shame in pretending to see something when you can not.”

And…pretending to see something in Seven Wonders would not work very well, especially if you like to win!


Please…feel free to ask a question.  Your comment or sharing a thought is also welcome.

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