No More Bread and Dr. Wahls

I had an interesting week of eating a vegan diet.  Although I was very faithful, it really didn’t go very well.  I know, I know, it takes time for your body to adjust. But by the last two days, my muscles in my legs, and arms really hurt.  My lower back also became stiff and sore.  I was also really tired at work, even though I took a lunch with me. (I said I was faithful.)

Fibromyalgia is another diagnosis that I was given long ago.  At all of the pressure points I have tender spots, but it hasn’t been a huge issue for me most of the time.  I’m guessing though, that the vegan diet aggravated it for me.  I haven’t felt like I needed an Advil to calm my muscles for over a year. (Of course, I was always on other hard core medications, so maybe they calmed it and I am just blaming the vegan diet).

By the way, Dr. Klaper did email me back, much to my surprise.  He recommended that I read a book by Joel Furhman called Eat to Live.  In two days I read the whole thing.  Then I tried to find people outside of the book who had autoimmune diseases and either were doing a lot better or were cured.  I didn’t find anyone, which could partially be because I stumbled onto another book because of a link to a Ted Talks video I thought looked interesting.

After watching the video, I drove an hour from where I live to buy this book that I stumbled upon.  I went to the help desk at Barnes & Noble, and they told me that they showed it was in stock.  Maybe it was, but it wasn’t in the section where it was supposed to be.  A store clerk helped me look and she gave up long before I did.  I think that I read every title in the entire section.  I was tempted to scour the store and then decided to just go home and download it on Amazon.  I did, however, stop by a store in Bend to buy a beef heart and a beef liver.  (This does apply.)

The book I was in search of was by Doctor Terry Wahls.  What makes Terry Wahls special is not only is she a Doctor who has done research on nutrition and autoimmune disease, but she has a huge stake in it, because she has MS (multiple sclerosis).  She put her ideas out there, so that those of us with chronic diseases could give them a shot, even before the clinical trials since those can take years.  Some of us don’t have years.

Not only does Dr. Wahls have MS (she still does), but she had a later stage (Progressive Secondary) that was bad enough she found herself in a wheel chair and not wanting to get out of bed.  She decided to do research to be an example to her kids.  (A great example, I might add.)  Here’s the clincher for me:  she’s not in a wheel chair any more and she’s doing research for all of us with autoimmune diseases.  And..she now rides her bike 5 miles a day to work.  Pretty drastic change if you ask me.

Here are the basics:  3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of sulfur vegetables, 3 cups of brightly colored fruits and vegetables…the protein amount depends upon the level of the diet you choose.  And the hardest part for me…she recommends organ meat, thus the liver and the heart.  Also 9 -12 oz. of grass fed meat or wild caught fish.  Grass fed and wild caught are important, because farmed fish are fed grain as are most cattle.  Their diet affects ours. Nutrients we used to get from our meats, including fish, were Omega-3’s (fish oil anyone?).  According to Dr. Wahl’s this changed when the animals were grain fed, and in our bodies it now converts to Omega-6 fatty acids, the unhealthy fat that ups our cholesterol and damages our arteries.  (Check it out for yourself…I’m not an expert, but it makes a lot of sense to me.)

I hate liver and heart…any organ meat that I can think of sounds far from appetizing.  Sunday afternoon though, my plate was a large helping of liver, onions, mushrooms and greens.  And here’s the best part.  Remember how I felt with the vegan diet?  Muscles hurt and tired.  I felt so much better after eating that liver.

If your interested watch the Ted Talks video.  Here is the link:

If you try it…I’d like to know how you’re doing with it.  Post a comment below!






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